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  Welcome to the Alex Fox Business Library.  
  The Alex Fox Business Library gives you access to many articles that will give you ideas on finetuning and integrating your information technology resources and aligning it with the rest of the business.

An educated customer is more able to help us help them. Therefore our aim to educate our customers and potential customers as much as possible by giving them the tools and the knowledge to make informed decisions or to at least get them on the road to success.

Please use the documents below to your advantage and share them with the wider community.
Want to know how to take Disaster Recovery seriously, find out aboutoutsourcing and managed services, Get the load down on Virtualisation,
know Business Continuity Facts fast and generally take your business to the next level? Alex Fox , founder of OneSilver teaches you a number of key business IT fundamentals that have helped build successful businesses all over the world.
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White Papers
Interact with leading business vendors that are shaping the industry throughout the world. Download answers to frequently
asked business challenges and gain the insight of an expert consultant
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Take free Quizzes.
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How does your business measure up? Use our free simple calculators to find out information about your business.
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Alex Fox shares what the ultimate goals of building a business should be and how you can make a business run
without you. These Free Videos will provide valuable information to change your business and itís profitability and results.
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Download free Audio.
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