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  What is Business Integrated IT?  
  The role of the Business Integrator is to be a sounding board, a third party whose disassociated and unbiased point of view provides business owners the tools to make the shift in strategic, technical and administrative terms needed to bring the organisation up to date and prepare it for future demands. It doesn’t always mean spending more to get there. On the contrary often reducing operational costs is first in the agenda. It’s the resource that facilitates change management and permits the business to remain (or become) flexible enough to face the constant requirements to improve operations, reduce costs and mitigate risk. Partnering with OneSilver helps owners of small and medium sized businesses with their day to day monitoring and upkeep tasks in order to allow the business to concentrate on their core needs like gaining market share, improving cash flows, expanding product or service offerings and whatever you need to do in order stay ahead to the competition in any market condition.  
  Having a Business Integration IT partner, is a Necessity
not a Luxury
  The owners of small to medium sized businesses find it hard enough to keep pace with all the changes and innovations going on in today's modern world, let alone to find the time to devote to sales, marketing, systems, planning and team management, and then to run their businesses as well! As the world of business moves faster and becomes more competitive, having a Business partner who can help you concentrate on this is no longer a luxury; it has become a necessity. Based on the service and business integration systems created by Alex Fox, OneSilver is geared to not only show you how to integrate your IT resources to meet the new requirements and profits but also how to future proof and prepare for the next era of business. Through OneSilver Alex Fox will become your sounding board, your confidant, your business partner, a trusted advisor and a friend. OneSilver will provide business IT advice to help you make your dreams come true ... Contact Us to find out more today.  
  Who we are and why we’re different.  
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